Sample Indian Girl & Boy Names

Girl Names

  • Ishaivaani
  • Jana
  • Mithila
  • Gowthra
  • Gowthraya
  • Dhilani
  • Amalini
  • Harshitha
  • Amira
  • Ameera


Boy Names

  • Raatheeshan
  • Raahithyan
  • Raahith
  • Janathihan
  • Shakshayan
  • Nirmihan
  • Aarathan
  • Aarthanan
  • Sivanujan
  • Kajaparan


Recently Added Girl & Boy Names

  • Gurveer
  • Gunjeet
  • Deepinder
  • Danish
  • Apaksh
  • Ankesh
  • Wasim
  • Vipul
  • Vinit
  • Kashish
  • Anubhav
  • Abhiram

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